Past Events – Changing Commutes

Read about project workshops that the Changing Commutes team members have organised, our previous presentations, and participation in events:

The audience at Rachel's Research Methods Festival session.

The audience at Rachel’s 2014 Research Methods Festival session.

– On 10th July 2014, Rachel spoke at the Bristol Cycle Festival (drawing on an upcoming Changing Commutes paper).
– On 8th July 2014, Rachel organised a session at the ESRC Research Methods Festival, within which she presented from the project.
- Presentation to the UWE Centre for Transport and Society, 3rd July 2014 (Ali, James, Rachel)
- On 20th June 2014, James spoke on ‘Perceptions and experiences of cycle helmets: ‘A reanalysis of qualitative data’ at the UKCRC Public Health Research Centres of Excellence Conference.
- On 13th June 2014, Rachel led a webinar on using qualitative data to develop rules for agent-based modelling.
- On 6th and 7th June 2014, Rachel presented at the Hackney Cycling Conference 2014.
- On 5th June 2014, James and Rachel presented at Modelling World 2014.
- On Tuesday 20th May 2014, Zaid and Theo Lorenc (UCL) presented on ‘Can agent-based models inform the evaluation of complex natural experiments?’ to the School for Public Health Research @ LSHTM seminar series.
- On Tuesday 18th March 2014, we (James, Ali, and Zaid) presented the project at the LSTHM Transport and Health seminar series.
- On Thursday February 27th 2014, James led and organised an event entitled ‘Microsimulation of chronic disease: current methods & future directions’. Within this, Zaid spoke about ‘Use of agent-based models in chronic disease modelling to evaluate the impact of complex public health interventions’ and Ali about ‘Public health & social networks’. James led the discussion following presentations. This was an all-day event (10am to 4pm) at LSHTM.
- On Monday 18th November 2013, we (James, Ali, and Rachel) presented the project at a two-day seminar on Modelling Social Energy Practices at the University of Surrey, organised by Nigel Gilbert.
- Presentations to the RGS-IBG conference, August 2013
- Presentation at Frontiers in Transportation: Social Interactions, July 2013
- Organisation of a seminar in Lund, Sweden, in April 2013, on ‘cycling uptake and cycling systems’
- Organisation of the third Modelling on the Move seminar, April 2013, on New modelling methods: what can qualitative data offer?

More details on events and other outputs can be found on the project’s ESRC webpage although due to the changeover in the Research Outcomes service, this is frozen until Sept 2014 so will not be fully up to date again until then.

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