Seminar in Lund, Sweden

James introducing the project

James introducing the project

We held the first of our project workshops in Lund, Sweden, on the 25th April. After an introductory presentation about the project, we got participants to think about the competences, materials and meanings associated with cycling in their contexts. We’d expected this to cover Sweden and Denmark, but people were also able to draw on experiences and expertise relating to other countries including Ukraine, Canada and China.

Some interesting similarities and differences emerged in relation to the UK, and the exercise prompted us to think more about using different social theories to model behaviour (we were focusing on practice theory here, but potentially, we thought that Bourdieu’s work could also be quite useful in thinking about how meanings are shared, are challenged, and shift over time, and how this relates to what people do).

We took detailed notes of the workshop discussions, which will be used to feed into the model design and the organisation of future workshops.

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